Stacking Pennies toward Personal Growth

Are you borrowing from tomorrow to gamble on today? The power of small changes: Stacking Pennies to Personal Growth While our culture is pushing quick fixes and instant results, be the exception and stack your pennies.

The Weight of Hopeless…

Have you ever come across someone who is empty all the way to their core, yet you somehow end up carrying their burden? It wasn’t until recently that I learned how much lighter I feel without putting the weight of Hopeless on my back and carrying it up my mountain of life. Every day, I [...]

The Insecurities of Scars…

My greatest insecurities lay between my neck and my waist… not because of the layers of loose skin and pounds of dormant relaxed muscle but because of the fear and secrets of what is still hiding beneath the mask the loose skin represents. Of course, I can feel the physical discomfort when I reach down [...]

Commitment and Consistency

‘For a hundred days…I pick a pebble and cast it into the stream. If on the seventh day I passed by without remembering, I would not say to myself “Tomorrow I will cast two pebbles which will do as well”. Instead, I would retrace my steps and cast the pebble.’-The Richest Man in Babylon If [...]

How to unravel a tangled mind…

Are you ready to unravel the fear, anxiety and overwhelming thoughts in your mind that are holding you back from moving forward in business, fitness, family and life... Here's my 5 step process to overcoming adversity and setbacks so you can take back your life! Journal Exercise 1. Breaking the Frost- Awareness of where you [...]

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