I have had some people ask how we did it.

I’ve had people say they know they could do the same thing if they just knew what to do.

Others say they could never do it…

So here’s the deal- I started my FB and IG pages to see if anyone would be interested in learning, following and sharing stories with each other. I’ve had a mixed response of people who are very interested, people who kinda cared at the beginning but have moved on and people that could care less.

If people are interested I will share what we have done over the past 2.5 years. I hope I can make it short and sweet and interesting. I will commit to putting something up, but if I feel I’m starting to bore people I’m done.


I will not tolerate negativity, period.

We are here to support one another and if you can’t do that you will be blocked.

I expect interaction- having trouble? Say something. Let people be here to support you.

Don’t hassle me over spelling or grammar. I write fast and swift and generally don’t reread what I write. I plan to use 10 minutes or less to share and then get back to my family.

If you want to know something ask- I will share most anything about myself, my actions and promise to be as upfront and honest as possible. If you are uncomfortable asking here- email me. It may take a little while to get back to you, but I will respond. 400to26.2@gmail.com

I have a job and a family and a million other things I can be doing- I want to be here to help people and I’m willing to put in the time if it seems worth it to me. If I’m falling on dead ears, I have other things I can be doing.

I will leave with this- One small action or inaction taken everyday can have a compounding effect. Even the actions that don’t seem to matter today or next week or even next year- they all add up over time. When you can’t decide if you should do something ask yourself: How will my future self feel about this? Will I be happy or sad I made this decision?

One step at a time we will make it happen! Have you best day yet!