“Motion creates emotion” Tony Robbins

Do you struggle with soreness & stiffness during the day? I sure do! I work hard first thing in the morning and some days it takes me a little while to find out I didn’t cool down enough before heading to work. Then I’m stuck in an office all day thinking, “I wish I would have taken a couple more minutes to stretch and recover”. With this in mind, I wanted to send you a couple quick tips I use to reduce the stiffness and help your body recover for tomorrow’s training session.

  1. Drink water- Seems obvious right? But do you do it? This one is hard for me because I suck down black coffee all morning and I always seem full. Not to mention the obvious trips to the “break room” all day. It is so important though. I have a 32oz water bottle I sit on my desk to remind me to drink, drink, drink! I shoot to empty it 4 times. I notice I feel the best when I hit this goal. Most days, I hit 2-3 during the day. When I only get one down, I feel awful…
  1. Stretch- Yeah, I’m that guy. I will randomly stand up and do some stretches in my office. Does it look funny? Heck yes! Do I care? Not really 🙂 Do I feel better? Definitely! It only takes two minutes to do a couple quick stretches to release the tension in your muscles. Do it a couple times a day and you’re on your way to feeling better!
  1. Stand up- I wish I had a standing desk… One day maybe, but for now, I stand up when I talk on the phone. (Headsets are the best!!!) I walk to fill up my water bottle, I take at least one (preferably two) walks around the block during the working day. Not only does this keep my body stretched out and feeling better, it gives my mind a break from the grind and allows the flow of fresh ideas to start again. If you have trouble doing this, set a timer on your phone or computer to remind you. (I’ve heard there’s an app for that.) The change in blood flow makes me feel so much better!

I hope these help you recover better so you can be ready to hit your next training session hard!