Daddy! Did you sell a car today?

Daddy! Did you sell a car today?

Talk about accountability! This is the first question my boys ask when I get home from work. What’s the worst answer I can give them? No… Why? Because their next question is “why’d you go to work then?”.

What if you asked yourself the same question about your goals? At the end of a hard day, can you look at yourself in the mirror and ask “did I do everything I could to accomplish my goals?”. If the answer is yes, great job! Do it again tomorrow. If the answer is no, why did you wake up today?

This might seem kinda harsh, but my boys learned these questions from me. They know about goals and action. They know that we wake up to work on our future. They know why dad is running and working out every day. They know why I go to work. They know that if we don’t take the action necessary every day, we won’t accomplish our family and life goals. When it comes to goals, we can’t always have someone else holding us accountable. We MUST hold ourselves accountable.

Find the inner voice that asks you “Did you do everything in your power to accomplish your goals today??!!” Make sure at the end of the day you review you goals and actions. You have to take the personal responsibility to set your goals and take massive persistent action toward those goals.

I don’t sleep much, I have too much to do during the day. But when I go to bed, it’s lights out. I sleep hard for the few hours I do get. I don’t toss and turn. I don’t sit up and worry at night. Why? I know that I did everything I could to go after my goals and dreams today. When I look at myself in the mirror I do a quick self-analysis and if I did miss something, I write it down and know that tomorrow is a new day. I wake up and work to fix what I messed up yesterday. Dwelling on yesterday does me absolutely no good. What is done is done. I can’t fix today but I can do better tomorrow.

So promise yourself this. Today I will do everything I can to make tomorrow better. I will take the personal responsibility to do what needs to be done. I will do what is hard today so I can do what I want tomorrow. Go out and make today the best day or your life so when you look in the mirror and ask yourself “did I do everything I possibly could to accomplish my goals?” you can answer yes with satisfaction.

“Yesterday’s gone and tomorrow is too far away. TODAY is the only day that matters.”

Run Epic my friends!

1 thought on “Daddy! Did you sell a car today?

  1. Time for me to make 2 work related calls… if not, I won’t be satisfied. Thanks for the reminder!


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