Did you have a rough go this week? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! So now what? Do you wait until New Year’s Eve to get back on track or do you start working on your 2017 goals now? I wrote this in March but thought this week would be a good time to revisit “Getting Back on Track”. Don’t wait until tomorrow, start with today and start working toward your goals, NOW!

Run Epic

So you got off track, now what?

My March has not been the best training month for me. I took some time off for extreme soreness in my knee and missed a couple days due to sickness. To be completely upfront, I haven’t really eaten that well this month either… My training calendar looks a lot like my college math homework. It has scribbles, checkmarks and big Xs all over it… There have been days when I look back at February and wonder how and why everything just seemed to go just “perfect” for me…

The difficulties have been a big wake up call, which is good.

1.      It’s been a real challenge. I have always said that I would rather fail big than succeed small. I have gone big and tripped several times. This is good. It has made me refocus on my goals and daily actions to…

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