Holiday Distractions

The Holiday Distractions…

Well, I did it. I missed a week… My goal for 2016 was to write at least one blog every week and I almost made it. Sadly, for me, it’s more than a blog post that I’ve missed. It’s a goal, a commitment and unfortunately describes my entire month. December has been a rough one for me.

December has been full of distractions, not only from running, Run Epic, but everything seems to be up in the air. As of today, I have 88 days until my first hundred and I have never felt so unprepared before. The cold has been rough already and we haven’t even hit the cold season yet. My body feels like a train hit it. Christmas parties, gatherings, late nights, oversleeping, sickness, endless amounts of free food and candy/cookies… It’s all led me to fall off track and I’m on the struggle bus trying to get back to a routine. I feel like it’s all unraveling and I’m watching it from the outside and somedays I feel helpless.

The only problem? It’s all my fault. I have no one else to blame. I keep watching the scale go up, my miles and cross training go down and I’ve missed more miles this month than I’ve missed in a long time. So, do I wait until January and hope that everything gets better with the new year? Nope, waiting won’t do me any good.

I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions. If something is worth doing, it’s worth starting right now. It’s time to get back on track right now. I have to control myself when someone brings cookies by the dealership. I have to find a way to push through the cold and make sure I finish my miles/time on feet. Work through the pain and soreness to get my cross-training in. Stop over eating just because it’s there. I have so much to do and so little time until my race. The disappointment of watching my progress is disappointing. But there is no better time to get back on track than today. So, this is my first step. I can’t make up for last week, but I can commit to getting started right now.

I encourage you to start right now. If you’re struggling, get back on track today. If you want to start something, don’t wait until January. Start right now. The best part about starting today is that you will have the momentum you need to step into 2017 and go after your goals. I wish you the best as you move into the new year and I hope you go after everything you want.

Run Epic my Friends!

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2 thoughts on “Holiday Distractions

  1. Go get it, Gary! You said it perfectly, get back on track today. Don’t beat yourself up, just do it!

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    1. Right on! Today is the only day that matters!


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