The clock struck midnight and my stomach sank… What in the world did I get myself into this year? My 2017 goals have been set for quite some time and I have been working toward them for several months now. Everything was going great until December hit and I crumbled… I’m not sure what happen but I lost my edge, my positive attitude and my will to work out. As I was moving some cars at work last night, I took time to enjoy the beautiful soft snow falling. I watched it like a little kid that has never seen snow before. My troubles began to melt away. I felt a genuine smile come over my face and a big sigh of relief took over my body. I went straight home and ran. I haven’t truly felt like running in a month and I couldn’t wait to get my shoes on and just go!

Fear has been a big part of my problem. I’m so scared of failing at my goals that I just clammed up. I was focused on all the negative energy. I was focused on the fear of not reaching my goals. I think the more I looked at the negative, the worse my head hurt and it all translated into physical pain and mental anguish. So, back to the positive. This is a nice firm reminder to stay focused on the goal and know that anything can happen if I just stay positive and keep working hard toward my goals.

2017 Goals

Complete Buffalo 100 mile race at Antelope Island under 30 hours
Colfax 26.2 Sub 3:30
Complete 50 mile race (Silver Rush or Sheep Mountain) July
Be a successful and positive pacer for many races
Complete Leadville 100 Trail Race SUB 25 Hours
Complete 13.1 Sub 1:30
Run 2200 miles in 2017
Here’s to a positive, healthy, successful and epic 2017 race season!

Run Epic my Friends!

Note: Since I have written this there has been a few changes to my situation… I won’t change my goals, but the process will be modified as needed. Staying healthy is priority number one to make sure I can work toward and accomplish these!