Ahhhh!!!! It’s the Holidays and I can already feel myself indulging too much… but that’s ok, I’ll wait until the new year to get back to it…

Have you ever said this??

Well, if NOW is really the time you want to make a change, NOW better be the time you start getting your thoughts and actions under control!! Here are a few simple tips to get you through the holidays without gaining the 7-10 pounds the average American gains.

  1. Take a walk! Walking is the most underrated and under utilized tool we have toward better fitness and health!
  2. Are you eating to eat or eating because you’re hungry? I know. I know… the cookies were just too good to pass up. The second, third, forth glass of wine was calling your name. Ask yourself, “Do I really need/want this?” If so, go ahead, no one is stopping you… but think about how your future self would answer that question.
  3. More, more, MORE! Everywhere we go we are surrounded by people handing out love We are socially conditioned to use food as a replacement for love… don’t’ get the two confused. Be aware of what emotions you are feeling and separate those feelings and emotions from hunger… Maybe you’re hungry for a hug or positive attention… don’t mix the these up!
  4. Don’t nibble snacks, treats, and leftovers. This is seriously my biggest struggle! It’s so easy to mindlessly pass the kitchen and the table and grab something here and grab something there… Be mindful of what you are eating and just take a quick second thought before you add something to your already stuffed belly. Is the temporary discomfort now worth the guilt and regret later?
  5. DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! Seriously! Every year I people use the excuse about waiting until the new year to get started or they give up on themselves for a couple days, or weeks, or even the 6 weeks between Thanksgiving and the New Year… Why would you want to start out farther behind?? Set yourself up for success this year and make the conscious effort to maintain some self-control.