Fitness, Health and the Bedroom…

I wrote this article over a year ago and due to a sensitive coaching call today, I received my courage to publish it.

If this doesn’t motivate you, I can’t do anything else to help get you healthy…

We are all grownups here… if you aren’t, if you get offended by the fact that we are animals at heart, or if you have negative comments, you can exit out now… I won’t tolerate any derogatory comments.

Let’s talk about sex

Guys, if you have struggled to find a reason to get off the couch, out of the kitchen and get started, here is the best reason I can think of. If you aren’t willing to put in the work, well, honestly, you don’t deserve to benefit from this article.

Ladies, if you have struggled to get your partner off the couch, out of the kitchen and to get started, here is the best reason I can think of… You can thank me later.

Yes, it all matters…

Size Matters

Girth Matters

Confidence Matters

Stamina Matters

Sexiness Matters

At our core, we are all animals… not like that… get your mind out of the gutter… what do you think this is, an article about sex??…

Seriously, homo sapiens are nothing more than a highly evolved animal. We are part of the few mammal groups that not only mates for procreation but for pleasure. So why not embrace biology and make the best of life while we are given the gift of existence??!!

So, here’s the deal, you don’t need to go see your doctor hoping they can help you out, you need to get off the couch, out of your kitchen and around the block… It will do more for you and your relationship than I can ever get across in this article.

To improve in bed, (or the couch, kitchen table, shower, or anywhere else you will end up now) you need to know a few things to improve on. There is quite a list and a few of these tips might seem downright silly… but I guarantee you (I can’t go into detail of how I know…) if you modify a few life habits you will start getting results immediately. Make these changes with consistently for the next year and you will think about your morning coffee much different.

Let’s get to it…

Eating less processed foods and more natural/whole foods

In all honesty, this idea isn’t even about losing weight… It is about the chemicals and chemistry of your body. Blood flow is obviously important for improving what we want to improve, right? So where is the best place to start? Taking care of the body we have in the best way possible. I’m not saying you have to be perfect with your diet or become a vegan or anything… believe me, there’s no way I’m going to… but we all know the better food we put in our body, the better our body functions, the better we feel. Very simple to think about but more complicated to act on…

If your body has to spend extra energy pumping blood to your heart and brain to function, how much more energy does it have left for fun?

Less drugs, alcohol, and tobacco

I can hear so many people screaming right now… WHAT?! I know, but guess what? When you have more sexiness within yourself, you won’t need so much chemical courage to get what you want. Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to rely on drugs or alcohol to feel attractive or have the confidence to talk to a potential partner? The answer is, yes. (Again, you just gotta go with me on this one fellas…)

More movement with your body

Two reasons; One, positive motion creates more positive motion. Two, when you start eating better and exercising on a regular basis, don’t you think your body will start showing signs of better habits? Not only will you have more energy and confidence, but you are likely to lose some unwanted pounds and gain some muscle.

If you can learn to go for a mile run, do you think you’ll have the ability to perform more than 60 seconds? Stamina increases with physical fitness. Running isn’t just about improving your time and distance on the road…

When you eat better, you feel better. It’s simple common sense… but we don’t normally consider how the chemicals are affecting the rest of our bodily chemistry. If our body has to use energy to digest a large pizza and pitcher of beer, how much energy do you think it will have left of for “extracurricular activities” Saturday night when you get home from a night out?

A very quiet and taboo subject among guys who have gone through extreme weight loss is penis size. Yeah, really. It gets bigger and better. Makes sense, right? The less fat that can get in the way, the more muscle around the lower abdomen region, and better blood flow to your lower extremities… It’s like the perfect storm for male sexual self-improvement. But why doesn’t anyone talk about this??!! Why would they? It’s embarrassing to admit that at one time my habits at the dinner table and in front of my TV caused me to perform poorly in bed…

To feel better about yourself

Now, tell me if you how you would feel about yourself if you looked in the mirror and could see positive changes in your body. What if your partner looked at you and you finally saw the spark in their eye for you again? And you were feeling better mentally and physically because of the positive eating and exercise routine you had created and followed… Would you start feeling better about yourself?? This is called self-esteem and confidence… remember? Do you see why you can start ditching the booze to get attention from your partner??

To look better to your partner

I’m going to get started by adding a disclaimer here… The intention of this article is to bring to light some positive guidance to you and your partner. I hope you know as light hearted as I am trying to be, there is a lot of seriousness behind my words. I also know if intentions are not pure, they can lead down paths of destruction… If one partner is going to work on themselves, I would strongly advise the opposite partner to be as supportive as possible. This could be encouragement, or it could be developing a positive eating and exercise routing too.

If you can work together on the eating and exercise plan, the whole process can lead you to a whole new level of intimacy in your relationship.

If you don’t work together, this process can not only lead to emotional jealousy and separation… but can lead beyond physical jealousy to curiosity. I strongly encourage… no, I beg you to start this process and go on the journey together. Please know that couples who explore these fitness and health journeys together not only succeed together but can thrive together and many times the more separation at the beginning, the more separation takes place along the way… then one day you wake up and realize you have no idea who the person looking back at you is… and this is where many of people are sabotaged by a partner, extricated from a relationship, or abandoned by loved ones… Take it from me from the bottom of my heart… go on this journey together and stick together beyond all obstacles.

To gain confidence in yourself will create an energy around you… This energy is your level of sexiness!

Now that I’ve bummed you out… let’s get back to the fun part! More self-esteem, increased confidence, better chemistry within your body, and a better reflection in the mirror and to your partner will improve the sexiness you have been waiting for!

Sexiness isn’t a hot supermodel body or the gorgeous hair of an underwear model… Sexiness comes from the energy you carry in your presence. Your presence is where your partner will truly find their attraction to you. Think about how you carry your core, shoulders, and head when you feel good about yourself. Think about when you carry a smile on your face you can see from a mile away. That smile is real, and your partner will feel the smile.

I hope you can take the step out of your kitchen and out the door… but really, I hope you can take a step closer to your partner.

I hope you find your smile again. I hope you find your sexiness.

Most importantly, I hope you find a better version of YOU.

Best Sex Yet,

Published by Gary Stotler

Gary Stotler is a father, running, fitness, weight loss and personal development addict. Formally 400 pounds, Gary has naturally lost 200 pounds, created a coaching & speaking business and has become a 100 mile ultra-runner. Holding a degree in Psychology & Sociology, certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer, mindset & behavioral modification coaching, a certification in DISC personality assessment coaching and he is a certified speaker, coach & mentor with the John Maxwell Team. Gary firmly believes, if we take One Step at a Time, nothing is impossible. He is determined to let his actions show people what is possible and hopes to help you shake up your thoughts, change your actions and create your future.

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